Fred Dobe family

Frederick Dobe

  • Frederic W. Dobe (1873-1960) gravesite
    In 1960 on Saturday, June 18 at the age of 87, Frederick Dobe passed away at St. Therese’s Hospital in Waukegan. He was interred at the Ridgewood Cemetery in Des Plaines.
  • Mary Elizabeth Bakalla Dobe (1868-1960)/ wife of Frederick
    • 1925 moved his school to Grayslake from Chicago/Lawrence & Damon [source: obit]
    • funeral: chapel at 410 Belvidere Grayslake [source: obit]
  • [Johanna Dobe / daughter of Fredrick & Mary(1896-1969) gravesite]()
  • [son()TBD & wife]
    • Joan Dobe Johnson (1963-present)/ / Elgin, IL /

Business owned by Fred Dobe/owner of the Dobe tree Farm now Arbor Vista