Willard Jones family

Willard Jones Family

[original owner from 1835 - 1890+ ???]

Willard Jones and family / original owners of property known now as Arbor Vista

offspring of Willard and Marcia

"The family at length embraced nine children, but that dread destryoyer, scarlet fever, carried off six of them, four dying within a few days. The living are: De Witt L., whose name heads this sketch; Jennie M., wife of Warren D. Ford, who resides on the old homestead, and Orpha C., who is living in Lake Forest."

The "four dying within a few days" likely refers to Ann (February 14, 1847), Mary (February 9, 1847), Levi (February 10, 1847), and Marcia (March 3, 1847), all of whom died in Feb/March 1847.

Sadly, Laura and Anna both died on May 13, 1860.

1887 - Jones estate house destroyed by fire [Orpha left property to go to Colorado]

Jennie's bio / she and her husband took over the old Jones estate / not sure when they departed