2022 AVA Annual Meeting

Logo 2022 Arbor Vista Association Annual Meeting Agenda

Date: January 29th, 2022 10:00 A.M – Via Zoom

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  • The AVA meeting is Public and ALL can view the proceeding

Questions/Problems??? send an email to ava@arborvista.org

Dues Payment

  • to be a Member of AVA you must pay dues
  • Members Dues Must be paid for the current year in order to vote for motions or election
  • Mail Dues ($50) to: AVA ; PO Box 433 ; Grayslake IL 60030
  • or Scan PayPal QR Code (below) or https://paypal.me/arborvistapay on your Phone or computer

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AVA Board

Elected Office Person Appointed Office Person
President Diana Friess Social Jennifer Kielp
Vice President Welcoming Paula Glassel
Treasurer Rick Hoppel Buildings & Grounds Mike Herzog
Secretary Jennifer Kielp Member at Large Andy Friess
Sergeant at Arms Georgia Schuette Member at Large Karen Hoppel

Meeting Etiquette

- Introductions will be made by Board Members & all those attending the meeting.

- Zoom Ground Rules - Everyone will be muted until unmuted by the moderator.

- Raise hands for questions, motions & voting.