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The official address of the AVA is ... AVA ; PO BOX 433; Grayslake, IL 60030

Arbor Vista Subdivision is located in un-incorporated Warren Township, Lake County, IL

The subdivision is located east of US Route 45 @ Arbor Blvd, the only entry which is 1/2 mile south of IL 120. Arbor Vista on Google Maps

Arbor Vista Association (AVA) is a voluntary organization

The Arbor Vista Association is a volunteer group of residents and property owners of the Arbor Vista sub-division. It was formed for the purposes set forth in the Constitution. The primary purposes in brief are to maintain and up-grade, if possible, property values in this fine sub-division.

This is done far more readily by residents as a group through their association than by individuals acting independently. Independent action however, in behalf of and in support of the association is very important to continuing success.

AVA has a Constitution and Bylaws to guide its activities

  • see the item on for this document
  • the constitution does not contain any specific responsibilities for the group.
  • The constitution does not mention the front entrance or the deed restrictions.
  • The AVA was created before the front entrance was built.
  • This framework allows the AVA to spend time and resources on those issues it deems important and not as a regulatory or enforcing function as most homeowners association.

AVA does not own any common property and therefore has no liability for property related activities

AVA does not have jurisdiction over any property owners in Arbor Vista and therefore no enforcement or regulatory power

  • The AVA uses existing law under the jurisdiction of Warren Township, Un-incorporated Lake County ordinances, State of Illinois, and the Federal Government to accomplish its objectives.
  • It will also use the law pertaining to property adjoining the Arbor Vista subdivision which includes the State of Illinois, Village of Grayslake, Lake County Forest Preserve District, and Lake County Township.

AVA cannot create any laws or regulations over any property owners in Arbor Vista

AVA has assumed responsibility for maintaining the Front Entrance to Arbor Vista although it is not legally responsible for it.

AVA has an annual membership fee of $50 which permits voting in association matters.

AVA has no responsibility for monitoring and enforcing the Arbor Vista Common Deed restrictions on property within Arbor Vista subdivision

However, the AVA can use the Deed restrictions as it sees fit to create actions to support the AVA and its members.

AVA has four social functions per year to provide interaction among members

non-members have always been welcome to attend and participate in the events

  • Annual Meeting (usually in January or February)
  • Easter Egg Hunt (the Saturday before Easter)
  • Summer Party (date TBD)
  • Halloween Party (Sunday on/before Halloween)
  • for locations and time of the event:
    • Community Bulletin Board
    • Website
    • website for Arbor Vista subdivision
    • Postcard mailings

AVA has a fully funded legal fund if the Board finds it necessary for a legal dispute or expense

In the last twenty years the AVA has never had a legal expense against a resident in Arbor Vista. In the 2000s we did fund a environmental engineer to file a complaint with the village of Grayslake against the owners of the old dog kennel adjoining Arbor Vista. Eventually the owners of the dog kennel built a larger but more quiet facility. There has been no issue since the opening of the new facility.

AVA periodically produces an Arbor Vista Phone Directory for members

  • Every four years, next publication is Fall 2022