2020 AVA Treasurer Report

Logo 2020 AVA Treasurer Report


  • Transferred AVA Financial & Membership Data from previous treasurer data [PDF]
  • 2019 Spending was under budget
  • 2020 Budget is balanced
  • AVA has over $14,000 in cash assets
  • Audit Performed for the years 2016, 2017 and 2018 by Georgia Schuette and Richard Hoppel on 5/23/19
  • Put AVA Finances & Membership Data into Excel Spreadsheet on OneDrive Cloud Service for Real-time viewing
    • allows easy online management and transfer to future treasurers
    • easy way for board members to review always up to date data
  • Restructured Budget to better follow spending patterns
  • Plan to produce an AVA directory in 2020
  • Placed AVA Treasurer reports and and spreadsheets on ArborVista.org for better transparency

2020 Financial & Report and Proposal

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2020 AVA Annual Meeting Documents