2020 AVA Annual Meeting Minutes

2020 Arbor Vista Association Annual Meeting Minutes

  • Date: January 25, 2020 Time: 9:00 AM
  • Location: Warren Township Center, 17801 W Washington St, Gurnee, IL 60031
  • Board Members Present: Karen Hoppel, Diana Friess, Rick Hoppel, Jennifer Kielp, Georgia Schuette, Paula Glassel, Andy Friess, Mike Herzog, Cindy Bingley

Meeting came to order at 9:11 AM

  • Meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Introduction of AVA board members and AVA community members.
  • Karen Hoppel provided the state of Arbor Vista

Old Business

  • Jennifer Kielp reviewed the minutes from the 2019 AVA annual meeting. Motion was made to approve minutes. Motion was seconded and passed.
  • Rick Hoppel reviewed the 2019 Treasurer Report. Motion was made to accept report. Motion was seconded and passed.
  • Welcome Committee – Paula Glassel welcomed 3 new owners during the year, two homes for sale currently.
  • Buildings & Grounds – Karen Hoppel gave update, signs at front entrance have been repaired. New garland and lights was purchased.
  • Rick Hoppel reviewed 911 Address Signs Pilot Program. Will resume installing signs once ground thaws.

Guest Speaker – Katie Larson: Alliance for the Great Lake

Guest Speaker – Peter Trage on the Invasive Species, Buckthorn.

New Business

  • 2020 Directories will be distributed to those who have 2019 and 2020 dues paid. Corrections/updates need to be given to board.
  • Acknowledgement of Retired Board Members, Joe Trassati, JB Morrow, Nancy Trassati and Cindy Bingley
  • Rick Hoppel presented 2020 budget. Use of the Discretionary Fund was reviewed. Motion was made to accept. The motion was seconded and passed.
  • Lauren Alexander made a motion to allocate $2,000 for 911 Address Signs Project. Motion was seconded but failed to pass (21 yes, 23 no). (Karen Hoppel cast 14 “NO” proxy votes. Kathleen Huizenga cast 2 “NO” proxy votes.)
  • Sue Simpson made motion to allocate $4,500 for 911 Address Signs Project for those residents in good standing. Motion was seconded and passed (43 yes, 5 no). (Karen Hoppel cast 14 “YES” proxy votes. Kathleen Huizenga cast 2 “NO” proxy votes).
  • Kathleen Huizenga read letter from JB Morrow.

Election of Officers to AVA Board

Unanimous vote except for 2 “NO” 
  • President – Karen Hoppel
  • Vice President – Diana Friess
  • Treasurer – Rick Hoppel
  • Secretary – Jennifer Kielp
  • Sergeant at Arms- Georgia Schuette

Assigned Board Positions

  • Welcoming – Paula Glassel
  • Member at Large – Andy Friess
  • Member at Large – Mike Herzog

Meeting came to a close at 11:01 AM.