AV 911 Driveway Signs

AV 911 Driveway Sign Project

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AV 911 Driveway Signs Project Plan [For AVA Members Only]

  • Current Status: 33 Signs Installed (25% of neighborhood) 12 Signs Pending to be installed [Project Cost - $4500 for 80 homes ~ $56/home; sign $24/each]
  • Objective: Install clearly visible home number with street name signs; preferably near the driveway entrance of each home through-out the neighborhood.
  • Homes Eligible for a Sign: AVA Homeowners/Members upon request by member
- Project Manager: Richard Hoppel [rhoppel@gmail.com; mobile 847-400-7505]
- Installation Manager: Mike Herzog [mikezog@ameritech.net; mobile 847-826-0851]
  • If are an AVA member (check your current status below)
    • include your house address
    • include contact information with phone # and email address
  • If not and you want to become a current AVA member and get a sign for FREE
    • send a check for $50 to "Arbor Vista Association"; PO BOX 433; Grayslake IL 60030
    • indicate in a note you would like a sign

Current 911 Sign Sortable Status [check your membership status]

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Side the approved sign sign on post (preferred) sign on mailbox sign on back of mailbox
Front sign sign sign sign
Back sign sign sign sign

Driveway sign on a typical driveway

Sign in full scene

  • Preferred Location: at the entrance of the driveway
  • Alternate Location: on the homeowners mailbox with approval of Installation Manager
  • Double-Sided Aluminum sign is Highly Visible at Night
  • Mounting post made of composite material for durability
  • the sign post should be mounted on back side of post towards same-sided oncoming traffic for best visibility for opposite-side traffic (see photos)
  • Free for AVA Members in good standing for FREE!!!
  • JULIE will be contacted by Installation Manager if necessary


  • Why is the objective of this project?
    • Driveway locations can be VERY different from the mailbox locations and VERY confusing. This is
      a particular concern when 911 emergency services need to arrive at the correct driveway location. Arbor Vista has never had consistent signage. It is difficult to find house numbers and streets for non-residents, especially at night. Also, the Lake County Sheriff officers have had discussions with us about difficulty finding locations in Arbor Vista. Google Maps does not always locate proper house addresses because mailbox and driveways are not registered in their database. Your guests will appreciate the clearly marked driveway signs!
  • My mailbox clearly marks my driveway. What is the problem?
    • You are in the minority. Many mailboxes on the streets are on the opposite side of the property and not even near the driveways. Several driveways are not even on the same street as the mailbox. Many mailbox locations have two mailboxes. The number clarity on many mailboxes is very poor. The mailboxes are laid out for the convenience of the US Postal Service in numerical order, not indicating the closest driveway. You can review the maps below indicating the mailbox locations. [Red boxes indicate the mailbox locations]
  • Do I have to have a sign installed?
    • No. Signs will ONLY be installed after a request by the homeowner for a sign and an approval and review by both the homeowner and the Installation Manager.
  • When will a sign be installed?
    • When YOU make contact with the Project Manager and request an installation.
  • How much will it cost?
    • It is FREE for Arbor Vista Association members in good standing (Your dues payment is current).
  • I am not an AVA member. Can I get a sign?
    • Not at this time. Consider joining the AVA so you can get a sign installed for free! Send a check for $50 to "Arbor Vista Association"; PO BOX 433; Grayslake IL 60030
  • Where will the sign be installed?
    • The recommended location is on a post next to the driveway entrance of your choice (many driveways have two entrances). The sign can be your choice of the right or left side of the driveway as "viewed from the street". An alternative would be mounted to your mailbox post. For many homes the driveway is not that close to the mailbox. Therefore the driveway location is the preferred choice.
  • Can I install it somewhere else?
    • Possibly. Alternatives need to be approved by the Installation Manager
  • Why not only put the sign on mailbox posts?
    • The mailbox location does not always clearly mark where the correct driveway is located which leads to confusion. A house number sign located at the end of the driveway near the street is the best location for clarity. On some streets mailboxes are only on one side of the street while others use both sides. The mailbox location on the street is not consistent in Arbor Vista.
  • Can I install it myself?
    • We are trying to install the signs in a consistent manner throughout the neighborhood. Ideally, we would like to install the sign to maintain a consistent presentation, but under special circumstances we could allow the homeowner to complete installation with final approval of the Project Manager.
  • Who is managing this project?
    • Richard Hoppel and the Arbor Vista Association Buildings and Grounds manager
  • Do I have to contact any authorities beforehand?
    • The homeowner does not need to contact anybody except for the Installation Manager. JULIE will be contacted by the Installation Manager before installing a post for a driveway installation sign location. JULIE does not need to be contacted for a mailbox installation.
  • What does the Warren Township Highway Department think about this?
    • They approve of the concept and continue to work with us to provide ideal installation locations.
  • Can I get a replacement sign if it is damaged?
    • Yes, for a fee. Or you can use the link Smartsign
  • Where can I buy additional signs?
  • Does the US Postal Service have regulations concerning mailboxes?
  • Do the USPS Regulations conflict with this project?
    • No. USPS require 1" letters minimum mounted on the mailbox. This sign will fulfill this requirement for a sign mounted on the mailbox.
  • Why choose the sign from SmartSign?
    • Many alternatives were reviewed. This sign is very visible and readable at night, very customized attractive layout, well-made durable 2-sided aluminum with 3M materials, reasonably priced, and it is easy to order with very fast delivery (a couple of days). Customer service is outstanding.
  • What is the post material?
    • 1" x 2" composite material about 4 feet in length. The post would extend 2 feet into the ground to prevent freezes from moving the sign. This provides a very sturdy structure for the sign and it is more attractive than a metal post. Our design is cost-effective, attractive, easy to install and durable while maintaining a vertical position.

Mailbox and House Number Sign Locations Progress

  • A Red on a property boundary marks the approximate mailbox location physically located on that homeowner's property.
  • A Red in the street indicates that this mailbox is located on the opposite side of the street and not physically located on the !!! homeowners property.
  • A Green indicates that a sign has been installed and the approximate location.

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