2022 AVA Audit for 2019-2021

🌳💰☑AVA Audit for 2019-2021

  • This document was created to share with others. The links point to actual documents.
  • AVA Financial Records are maintained to be completely transparent to board members at any time
  • Documentation was created in order to perform an audit at a remote location to AVA Treasurer location
  • Documentation utilizes online Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. No additional software is needed.
  • Treasury Documentation was maintained by JB Morrow through November 2019 and Richard Hoppel from that time till present.
  • Spreadsheets incorporate several features to validate data entry
  • Data from PNC Bank records are extracted by CUTTING directly from PNC website Check Register and PASTING into AVA Financial spreadsheet check register

Audit Procedures

  • Validate that AVA Financial Records & Reports match PNC bank records
  • Validate that Annual Budgets are adequately documented
  • Validate that AVA payments are documented adequately and appropriately dispersed
  • Validate that AVA income is documented adequately, appropriately deposited and recorded
  • Request AVA Treasurer to answer documentation questions & supply additional requested documentation
  • Suggest changes to better document AVA Financial Records
  • Report Results to AVA Board

📜Annual Meeting Reports

Every year at the AVA Annual Meeting the Treasurer prepares a report the includes a review of the previous year's budget, It also includes reports of Assets, Liabilities, and a Balance Sheet. Additionally it also includes member numbers and other significant information.

📜️2022 AVA Treasurer Annual Report
📜️2021 AVA Treasurer Annual Report
📜️2020 AVA Treasurer Annual Report


Each Check Register entry includes references to expense reports (if necessary) and budget expenditures. Columns have been added which serve to verify other columns (Calculated bank balance, Allocation - budget amount allocated matches expense and deposits). Check Registers are available for the following years. 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022.

The following are live Excel spreadsheets in View only mode.


🗂AVA Treasury Document Repository

Includes Expense Reports, Bank Statements, Receipts, Bill Payment Activity, etc.

💵Bill Payment Activity

Checks are issued by the treasurer using the PNC Bill Pay service. Checks are mailed to the recipient's address. An increasing number of bills are paid using PayPal. The PayPal activity can be seen in the link at the bottom of this page.

🔌Electric Utility

The ComEd bill is paid automatically to the Checking Account. Receipts are received by mail and available for review.

💵Deposits & Payments

All Deposited checks & envelopes are collected for review. All checks are deposited using the PNC Banking App.

PayPal Activity

Occasionally this PDF is updated to show all the PayPal activity starting in 9/1/2020.